Duvet cover tent

I love this photo of a simple kids play tent taken from uktv.co.uk

Very reminiscent of my 70’s/80’s childhood in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, I just loved making den’s in the garden, mud pies with daisy’s on included!

This washing line tent is made using an Ikea duvet cover, I like the vintage floral feel to the fabric design, it could almost be of kids playing in their garden in the 1940’s.

why buy a play tent?

I’ve just found this interesting article about the benefits of play tents and tunnels to a child’s development skills, such as imaginary play helping with speech and brain development, motor skills (for instance, coordinating crawling into a tent whilst holding a large teddy), spacial awareness,  all kinds of stuff… and I just thought they looked pretty (well, mine do!).

read the article for yourself here Fun Educational toys

an exert ‘… crawling is very important for motor and brain development. It teaches cross movements (a higher level of using your arms and legs) and helps the brain hemispheres to learn to interact properly.’

Tokyo Teepee

A lovely customer in Tokyo sent me this fantastic photo of the teepee I made for them…moozlehome teepee in Tokyo

Thanks Hashimoto for sending me the fab pic you took of your Daughter and (very large) cat! And for allowing me to post it here. We are very happy to know you are all safe and well after the terrible earth quake recently. x

Babble post a new top 50!

Babble have ranked Moozlehome no. 5 in their ‘ETSY TOP 50 BABY STORES’ we are VERY proud. Take a peak here…


Moozle Home | Kate Clarkson and Dennis Harrison

Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops - Moozle Home

Moozle Homes’s Rankings  #5 Best Toys like76

Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops - Moozle HomeThe Shop: Every child loves a kid-sized teepee for private moments of pretend-play. The quirky mix of vintage textiles, contemporary graphics and industrial design make these the finest play tents Etsy has to offer. Even if baby’s not old enough to crawl in yet, one of these creations makes a very cool, original addition to your nursery’s décor — and a promise of fun to come.The Seller: Designers Kate and Dennis hand-make each teepee from their homes in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their combined experience in illustration, graphic design and textiles brings amazing detail and quality to every magical play space they create.

Signature Item: Indoor play teepee, $175