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Post image for Teepees for Kids

This lovely photo was taken from Modern Home Modern Baby the contrast of the bright pink and red tent stripes looks great against the book/LP shelves, it makes me want to take my teepees to photograph in different locations again!

I’ve just recently sent this very girly teepee to Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, it actually has 3 names on it, for 3 young sisters, and has worked out well. I am now offering printed teepees with appliqued name(s) of your choice on my Moozlehome Etsy page.


Indoor play teepee - sugar pink with appliqued name

Cosy teepee time

Doesn’t this look like a cosy corner to snuggle up in? I really like the patchwork quilt here from Belsizesquare. It’s great to see how people deck out their teepee tent with blankets, cushions teddies or whatever. Reminded me of this picture of one of my moozlehome teepees with patchwork crochet blankets, the blankets are made in Wales, UK using up peoples donated wool left over from their knitting and crochet projects (also on the website). Oh, and the little fairy… that’s my daughter, see the baby doll lying next to her, she’s called (wait for it) Leggin’soup, I have NO idea why, makes me smile every time I hear her say it.

Living Etc, girls room

I re-found this photo via Bambino Goodies, a lovely site by Elanor whom I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years ago at the Kids Modern Show I was exhibiting at in Dulwich, London. I remember seeing the photo originally in a magazine, Elanor has credited it as one from Living Etc (04.2007)… I always pick up Living Etc and Elle Deco when ever I’m in the UK, I just wish they would take overseas subscriptions 🙁


Fort – ish!

Some kids in my neighbourhood have built this fort… it’s a really nice neighbourhood, educated, quite well-to-do affluent families… but this fort…well, it’s crazy! I really don’t think British health and safety would approve, but, hey, this is Amsterdam!

I saw this home made lampshade on a lamp post further up the same road – it takes pimping your pavement to a whole other level – I love it!