Poppy’s room

Lots of fun was had this afternoon snapping the new Animal teepee and a plain one in lovely Poppy’s pretty room. It was a challenge to get some shots of the tents without one or 3 of the four kids in or around the tents but I think the results are pretty good! To see the ‘other’ photos complete with kids playing madly go to the Flickr page (spot the pic of moody Dolly and Poppy fed-up with being told they can play in the tent in “a minute”!). Listed on the Moozlehome Etsy page and for sale on moozlehome – go get yours! The gorgeous wooden enchanted tree is from Cocoon Couture in Melbourne – I WANT one… joy ohjoy it’s on sale (but still $250 Aussie dollars!) but, alas, they don’t ship outside Australia *sob*

Thank you Spain!

Moozle have been blogged in one of the nicest blogs I’ve seen in ages, Con Botas De Agua of Spain round up the most beautiful kids teepee tents on the market and we are proud to be amongst them! It’s brought in a wholesale lead from a lovely shop in Madrid called Tiny toys run by family man Pablo, who we hope to work with in the future.

photo from Design Sponge