Boot Loot

Some fab illustrations in this late 60’s Jumbo Lotto game. I just have to get the kids to play it with me now – I seem more keen than they do. I really like these crafty/doing illustrations – especially the knitting sheep! More vintage games available to buy on the website Moozle for European customers, Etsy for International buyers.

Boot Loot

Just how gorgeous are these vintage wooden nodding nesting dolls? Mostly Japanese, not sure about the tall couple in the back row, this ‘odd’ moustached pair aren’t actually nesting dolls, they look more Persian (?? total guess here), and quite exotic, one has a tatooed butterfly on it’s neck/chest. The others all contain 2 smaller dolls inside. I’ve since seen some similar dolls’s on Etsy, but I don’t think I’ll be parting with mine any time soon.

Living Doll

I’m a big fan of the Danish design brand Ferm living and have been deliberating over which of their fab wallpaper designs to use in my home – so imagine my joy to find they have scaled down their kids wallpapers and created a downloadable pdf so you can print them all out and decorate a doll house (or type set tray – which is what I might play around with), what a fun way to try out the designs! Now where do I start? Keep an eye on my blog to see the finished result of my type set draw project.

Boot Loot

I thought it might be nice to share some of the Bootsale treasure (Boot Loot) I’ve been collecting this Summer – lots of sunny Sundays has ment lots of great boot sale activity = happy me! I’ll make this is regular feature from now on, but seeing as I’m a little behind I’ll catch up with a few images over the next couple of days.

This is a really clever vintage puzzle in great colours! I can’t decide how to display this as all the pieces look so nice OUT of the puzzle block too, it would look supernice in the typeset tray I’m currently painting (white, natuurlijk!).

This one is cute but slightly damaged, I had a nice surprise when I lifted out the puzzle pieces… a peak into mouse life inside the shoe!…

There are some other vintage puzzles and games for sale on the Moozle webshop and Etsy shop too, just click the links.

Customer photo…

Another lovely customer photo to share with you, this one is from Sarah, in New South Wales, Australia, thanks very much for sending this too me Sarah, it looks really at home in this lovely room.

This design is the Moozle plain teepee with poles, EU customers can order it here via Moozle, International customers can order via Etsy with this link.

Other Moozle designs also available on these sites.

Customer photo…

What a lovely happy photo! Elle looks so pleased with her custom made Moozle teepee, thank you Jessica for sending this to me and allowing me to share it on the blog here, and you really do deserve to feel like a ‘Super Aunt’, this is what childhood memories should look like.

This design was ordered via Moozlehome and is vintage flowers in orange, with a name, you can order one similar with this link, just state the name you require and the flower colour of your choice in the customer comments section of the order form.