A Moozle Xmas

My dear lovelies, it seems you wanted a little glimpse into a Moozle Xmas… well, a little late but here’s a peak, the tree is adorned with some home made goodies along with some gifted and found treasures collected over the years, notably a knitted Xmas pud from Jayne in Pembrokeshire, Japanese star and glitter birdies from Mech in London, funny pom pom from Janet in Paris, crochet bambi from Nadine, then in London now in bonny Scotand, – thanks girls, what lovely friends I have! You really can’t beat a knitted pink flamingo on your Xmas tree I always say. Ho ho ho.

Customer photo

Thanks very much to Nikki in Derbyshire, UK for sending in this photo of their new Moozle teepee, it’s great to hear your comments too…

Hi Kate, Thank you for the teepee, it’s lovely, my little ones love running in and out of it. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t stay up for long as they are very active little toddlers, but it has! It was very easy to set up, It’s beautiful. Thank you-Nikki.

I’ve also just received these lovely comments from other customers too…

Thanks Kate. The teepee arrived on Xmas eve! I was so excited to receive it and the girls have loved using it. Can’t wait to decorate it over time. Thanks, Theresa East Lindfield, Australia.

Hi Kate I hope you have had a great holiday! I received the teepee & it is absolutely lovely! My daughter (15 months) loves to play “peek a boo” through the window! Jill, CT USA.

Thanks for sending these in – it’s always so nice to hear from you!


Customer photo

Thank you to Jessica over at littlebabygarvin blog, for your lovely write up and recommendation for this Moozle plain teepee – I love how you have decorated it with the wool pom garland and little lights – I bet Harper loves it too, what a lucky little girl she is, and what a popular blog you have! Lots of traffic via you coming my way – Thank you x

You can pop over to take a peak at more photos of Harper’s bedroom with her new Moozle teepee and a festive house tour over on Jessica’s blog here.

Teepee tip #1 Get knotted!

There is a trick to getting the poles to stay up nice and tightly and not slide down, you need to tie them something like this…

You need to wrap the long tie, around the outside of the poles once to hold them in place, then wrap the tie up and around the poles as many different ways as possible. This way the poles are held tightly, and slightly outwards, keeping the sides of the teepee taught at the top and stopping the tie from sliding downwards.

You may need to re-tie the poles like this from time to time if you are keeping you teepee up for long periods of time as the fabric tie can stretch and loosen, especially when it is new.

You can see even more pics of various ways to wrap the tie up, under and around the poles over on Flickr here. Happy camping!