Customer photo – Mini Boden

Mini Boden

The eagle eyed amongst you will no doubt have spotted that this is indeedy a Moozle teepee tent in the fab new Mini Boden catalog! They ordered it back in August so I have been eagerly awaiting the results – I do like the stylists addition of the pretty paper butterflies, another creative way to decorate your plain teepee – if you have any other styling gems you’d like to share please send your jpegs to me via the Moozlehome website.

There are lots of gorgeous clothes and shoes in the new Mini Boden catalogue, you can see some here in a post I made of a photo shoot with the kids. I’ve already ordered some more bits for the kids I couldn’t resist, just check out these great silver brouges, sure to sell out fast, just wish they were in my size.

Just listed

full, front+side



I’ve just listed this kids teepee tent design over on my Etsy page, the sun was out this morning so I put the tent up in the living room and these two crazies promptly moved in!

This tent is all ready to ship – snap it up while you can (I did manage to get them out of it eventually). It is the popular ‘vintage flowers’ design, with a lovely brown tree on the side with lots of pretty lilac and green leaves. The vintage roses fabric is original 1940’s and really rather special.

Moozle playlist

I’ve just been reminded of a playlist I did for an interview on the rikrak studio blog about 2 years ago now – and what a playlist it is too – give it a listen if you fancy a dance or a jig about in your chair whilst you work – I have an eclectic, indie/rock/pop dance groove with old classics from Ike and Tina as well as new classics from the like of Dizzy Rascal/Ting Tings, there are links to each track on YouTube so it’s really easy (and addictive) to get into the groove – just what we need for these dark Winter days – fill your soul with sunshine and dance on! What are you listening to today?


This photo is of the Aurora village in Yellowknife, Canada, I would love to go and visit one day and dance under the stars and the northern lights.

Moozle beginnings

waterloo rd1

I just found this (tiny) photo of Dolly’s old bedroom in Pembrokeshire, this is the very first teepee I made and where all this teepee madness stems from! She looks so little here, a cute little thing in beanie and wellie boots. There are lots more photos of past teepee designs on the Moozle Flickr pages. This design went on to be called ‘vintage flowers’ and has been featured in lots of kids design and interiors blogs.

Here are a couple more photos of Dolly’s old room while I’m at it!

Dolls room1

Dolls room2

Dolls room4

Dolls room3