The ‘Enchanted’ Teepee Design

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Here’s a sneaky preview of a bespoke design I have just finished¬† – it looks so nice in real life as there are more textures in it than in my usual designs, silky satin, a silver lurex jacquard and a lovely soft plush velvet mixed in with my usual cottons and felt – super luxe!

It took a lot of sewing hours this one. Visit the website to see more kids teepee tent designs available from Moozle.



The BIG one has arrived!


It is official folks… the BIG new size Moozle teepee option is available to order on our Etsy shop now, what with the new look website launched this week as well the excitement is almost too much for me (I said almost). Whooooo-Hooooooo!

Check it out, it is super nice even if I do say so myself. Go on now, have a look at my new baby will you?!  Here. Well? What do you think?


Customer Photo


What a lovely photo! This beaut has been sent by Jessica at Littlebabygarvin blog, the photo is one from baby Harper’s 1st birthday photo shoot, there are more over on her blog, which is definitely worth checking out as her way with words really makes me smile so much and her photos are super cute.

I can’t get over Jessica’s back yard (yes, this photo is really taken in her back yard!) that tree filled backdrop is so lovely, Harper is going to have a ball making dens and playing hide and seek when she’s older.

Find the plain teepee like the one above over on the Moozle website here. Want to see the price in US dollars? Check out our Etsy store here.