Map it out

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Evening all. A VERY quick (the sofa is beckoning) post about this lovely new Map print teepee before they are all sold and this is old news. Only 3 left now! Not sure if I can get hold of more fabric any time soon so grab one whilst you can here… they are causing quite a stir so not expecting them to hang around for long. *Amendment… only 2 left now!!

Above is obviously how I styled it for the listing photos for my Etsy shop… but want to see what the kids did when they got home… ooooh.

IMG_5590 IMG_5591Hahaha. Check out Dexies Autumn display in the foreground!



Hello! My Autumn (so far) round up. I love the golden colours of Autumn with these shots of indigo, olive and ecru. My favourite Autumn past time the past few weeks has been apple picking at Fruit Tuin Van West and just look at these gorgeous Apple Roses we made with the harvest bounty! They look so impressive (don’t tell anyone but they are REALLY easy to make, just take a look at this Facebook vid), and taste pretty good too, just serve with a good vanilla ice-cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Don’t forget to tell your dinner guests you spent all afternoon carving the roses for them.

See @katemoozle via instagram for the teepee photos credits above. All teepees from Moozle.

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