Customer photo

Anneli+Adrian Sweden

Lucky me, I have another super customer photo of a Moozle teepee to share with you, and it came with lovely comments too, happy me! Thank you Anneli, for taking the time to send this to me, it really does make my day x

Hi Kate, This picture is long overdue. We absolutely love the tent and my son has had countless hours of peek-a-boo play and cosy reading/watching movies on i-Pad time in his own special hideaway 🙂 Thank you so much! Anneli and Adrian, Sweden

Customer photo


My dear friend Anna has sent me this photo of her daughter Poppy in the custom made  teepee I recently finished for them. AnnaK is a very talented freelance graphic designer and art director based in Melbourne, you can see some for her work here, she recently worked on the Moozle id for me and now I have fab new postcards, stickers and cards to send with my deliveries, happy days!


Thanks again Anna! Happy to hear you all enjoy the Moozle teepee xxx

Customer photos

Shana Druckermannelly, from Zoe Ebeyer

I have two new customer photos to share with you – thanks to Sharna for posting the top pic to Pinterest and to Zoe in the UK for sharing this sweet photo of Nellie having a tea party in her Moozle teepee.

I also received this super comment from Beth in Cincinnati this week…

Hi Kate, I wanted to let you know that the tent did arrive in time for my son’s birthday and he absolutely loved it.  He only wants to come out to eat and take a bath.  It was a huge hit with both of my kids.  Thanks so much! Beth.

Thank you so much – what lovely customers I have! You can see more of their lovely comments over on the Moozlehome website here.

Customer photo – Mini Boden

Mini Boden

The eagle eyed amongst you will no doubt have spotted that this is indeedy a Moozle teepee tent in the fab new Mini Boden catalog! They ordered it back in August so I have been eagerly awaiting the results – I do like the stylists addition of the pretty paper butterflies, another creative way to decorate your plain teepee – if you have any other styling gems you’d like to share please send your jpegs to me via the Moozlehome website.

There are lots of gorgeous clothes and shoes in the new Mini Boden catalogue, you can see some here in a post I made of a photo shoot with the kids. I’ve already ordered some more bits for the kids I couldn’t resist, just check out these great silver brouges, sure to sell out fast, just wish they were in my size.

Customer photo

Thanks very much to Nikki in Derbyshire, UK for sending in this photo of their new Moozle teepee, it’s great to hear your comments too…

Hi Kate, Thank you for the teepee, it’s lovely, my little ones love running in and out of it. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t stay up for long as they are very active little toddlers, but it has! It was very easy to set up, It’s beautiful. Thank you-Nikki.

I’ve also just received these lovely comments from other customers too…

Thanks Kate. The teepee arrived on Xmas eve! I was so excited to receive it and the girls have loved using it. Can’t wait to decorate it over time. Thanks, Theresa East Lindfield, Australia.

Hi Kate I hope you have had a great holiday! I received the teepee & it is absolutely lovely! My daughter (15 months) loves to play “peek a boo” through the window! Jill, CT USA.

Thanks for sending these in – it’s always so nice to hear from you!


Customer photo

Thank you to Jessica over at littlebabygarvin blog, for your lovely write up and recommendation for this Moozle plain teepee – I love how you have decorated it with the wool pom garland and little lights – I bet Harper loves it too, what a lucky little girl she is, and what a popular blog you have! Lots of traffic via you coming my way – Thank you x

You can pop over to take a peak at more photos of Harper’s bedroom with her new Moozle teepee and a festive house tour over on Jessica’s blog here.

Customer photo

Lovely little Maisie in her Moozle teepee in Australia – thanks Shelly for sending this in for us all to see. Maisie looks very happy in her new hide-away. And thanks too for the great comments you emailed to me…

Maisie just loved her 2nd birthday present! The whole family chipped in and it was much better than getting a whole lot of plastic junk. She loves reading, hiding, playing with her friends in there – basically anything to avoid going to bed! Here’s a few photos – feel free to choose one for your blog if you like. Thanks again, Shelly, Australia.

Eat.Make.Play Customer photo

I’d like to share this super duper write up on the blog Eat.Make.Play who’s kids recently received a Moozle teepee as a birthday gift, you’ll have to check out their blog to see all the lovely photos and the comments, but lets just say – I’m a very happy bunny to get such a nice reaction to my tents!

This last photo is one of a wrapped up teepee, this is how your teepee with poles arrives, under it’s bio-degradable plastic protective wrapper you’ll find the fabric base panel and the fabric tent wrapped around the poles that are in half for posting, you simply slot them together using the plastic joiner tubes. As they say on Eat.Make.Play  “It came in the small package shown and was incredibly easy to put together.”

LOve it! Thanks again for the feedback Dalton. And a big well done and thank you to Grandma Dorothy for finding Moozle and knowing what her grandkiddies would love!

We Love Grandma’s! xxx

Customer photo…

Another lovely customer photo to share with you, this one is from Sarah, in New South Wales, Australia, thanks very much for sending this too me Sarah, it looks really at home in this lovely room.

This design is the Moozle plain teepee with poles, EU customers can order it here via Moozle, International customers can order via Etsy with this link.

Other Moozle designs also available on these sites.

Customer photo…

What a lovely happy photo! Elle looks so pleased with her custom made Moozle teepee, thank you Jessica for sending this to me and allowing me to share it on the blog here, and you really do deserve to feel like a ‘Super Aunt’, this is what childhood memories should look like.

This design was ordered via Moozlehome and is vintage flowers in orange, with a name, you can order one similar with this link, just state the name you require and the flower colour of your choice in the customer comments section of the order form.

Customer Photo – oh yeah!

I’m loving the big cotton bauble lights this customer from Luxemburg has added to the tent, it looks so pretty! This is one of my ‘pink flowers’ designs on the Etsy webshop, it isn’t actually listed at the moment as I have a lot of other designs I’m making right now, but, if you really REALLY want one please email me via the Moozle site or convo me though Etsy.

Customer photo!

And what a beauty it is! Thanks to Yvonne for sending this in to me, I do love a good customer photo. I love the way you have customised this with the super padded cushion, bunting and flags – and that cloud and Japanese patchwork bauble are gorgeous, what a lucky little girl (who looks like she has a great wardrobe too), super stuff!