Spotlight on – Product stylist – Dilya Ehrhardt

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I would like to introduce you to a lovely, creative mum I met via Instagram, Dilya Ehrhardt, a Russian lady living in Germany. Having worked previously as an art director within an advertising firm you can see she has a creative eye and flair for using colour, since becoming a mum to her 2 children Dilya has been turning her hand to children’s styling and is now one of my favourite insta collaborators, the images she creates with her clever styling arrangements and great product selection are gaining her a quickly growing audience and it’s not difficult to see why…here are a selection of her images.

(she painted this gorgeous wall herself based on the amazing wall treatments of Peek & Pack). I told you she is creative. Anyone else what to see a photo of the Moozle teepee by that wall?!

Follow Dilya on Instagram for more inspiring kids interior and fashion here – @nyearthur

Dilya and her children have the MIDI size Moozle teepee, available here.

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BIG chief

BIG teepee + small teepee + Dexie

I couldn’t resist showing this pic I took earlier today of Dexie testing out the 2 different Moozle teepee sizes on offer. Teddy was actually soon evicted out of the smaller tent when Dex claimed it as his own, he just likes that one better for himself 🙂

There’s a pretty photo on my Instagram feed of the kids playing in the BIG teepee this eve, I pimped it up with fairy lights, and bunting, it did look nice, I had to prise Dex out and bribe him into his bed (with a bottle of milk and a cuddle) – think he would have stayed ‘camping’ in the living room all night if he could.

The bunting is on the Moozle Etsy shop here, other cols available.

You animal



Thought I’d do a little show ‘n tell of this teepee tent I sent off to Jack last week, I’ve just added the option of the animal teepee with a name to my Etsy store, not sure I’ll keep it there for long though as I get so busy with orders coming up to Xmas that I have to turn some design options off – girls gotta get some sleep you know!

If you’d like to take a look at the the price and the shipping info hop on over here.

For an animal teepee without the option of adding a name you can also purchase straight from the Moozlehome webshop of course!

Happy camping! x

To Russia with love

We sent our first teepee to Russia last week, it was a plain one like this one above, I’m sure it will find a happy new home in Moscow – hope it arrives soon. You can order yours here via Moozle. Please note though that we are booked up now with orders to arrive guaranteed in time for Christmas – all orders placed via Moozle or Etsy now may not reach you in time for the holidays – sorry!

New design – Sherbet-dip

Here are some pics of a new design I have just finished, it is a one-off, not planning to repeat it, so grab it now if you like it. I can personalise it with a name on the other door if that tickles your fancy, just state the name you’d like on the notes/comments section of the order form. I’ve listed it on my Etsy page here. Gotta run, dinners in the oven… oooo multi-task me!

Bring me sunshine

Here’s a bright and sunny tent I’ve just finished to cheer up a rather wet day here in Amsterdam. Bright sunshine this morning soon turned back to heavy heavy rain… AGAIN! but we were thankful for the sunny start and not just so my photos look better. This play teepee tent is on it’s way to Indianapolis now. I hope you like it Elle. To order a teepee similar to this have a look at Moozle for EU orders and at Etsy for international orders. More photos on Flickr.

PLAY with me

A certain small boy who lives around here allowed me to photograph his teddy with this teepee I finished this morning – his hand is just out of shot sweeping in to grasp it back quickly! This play teepee tent was a custom order but you can order a similar one here, just state the name or word you would like on the notes section of the order form.

Spring is springing.

Two lovely new kids play teepee designs with lollipop flowers, all finished and ready to be snapped up on the Etsy page. The light was pretty bad when I took the photos yesterday (sorry about that) and the kids wanted to get in them so I had to put their tent up (in the background of the 2nd pic down on the left) just so I could photograph them, they are actually both snuggled up in the teepee tent but you can’t see them underneath all of the crochet blankets and teddies in there. I might have to take some better photos if I get time, the sun has been shining today! Spring is coming which is why I wanted to make these flowers grow! I hope you like them.


Here’s a pic of the vintage Animals teepee tent I’ve been working on this week, the customer wanted some coordinating bunting to go with it saying GIRAFFES. You’ll have to have to check out the Flickr page to see the pics of Dexie looking non to happy about being told he couldn’t take his milk into the tent, poor chap!

I added the baby elephant since Mumba was born at Atris Zoo here in Amsterdam, last summer.

New teepee design – lilac flowers

This new teepee tent design is up on the website to order, you can request custom colours to match your decor if you like, just email your request via and I’ll see what I can do for you. If you are wondering, that’s Mary Poppins on the tv in the background.

The illustration in the frame, top photo, is the family tree by Famille Summerbelle.

added foliage

Just a quickie to show you the toadstool tent with added grass! I like it better this way, will have to do another shoot now! Except this one is on it’s way to Australia so I will need to find time to make another in between making and packing Christmas orders… I hope they like it, I’m sure it will look great at the Little Red Riding Hood party – wish I was going!

DIY bedouin tent out this for a romantic gesture. This is by designer Justina Blakeney you can see more on her lovely blog, including instructions, you could easily restyle it as a playful reading nook or play fort but ceiling beams tor exposed joists to hang it from are a bonus!