Pop Up Shop Down Under

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The Little Pop-Up Shop in Brighton Melbourne is looking so pretty here. Loads of gorgeous kids and homewares to choose from!

The Moozle MIDI Pure White teepee has been our most popular item down under and can you spot our cute Rain Drop cushion?

Be sure to pay the Pop Up shop a visit if you are in their neighborhood.

The Little Pop Up Shop

Tucci Brown, 268 Bay Street

Brighton, VIC  3186





Pop-up Melbourne

Hello hello! Moozle have popped-up in Melbourne at The Little Popup Shop in the super hip area of Brighton.

This weekend (Sun 26th June) they are hosting a fun Family day so if you are in the vacinity make sure to pop-in for face painting, fabulous coffee and cake and of course some retail therapy! x

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Y A Y – we have a new re-seller

Hello, thanks for stopping by. If you know Moozle at all you’ve probably noticed that we don’t wholesale our teepee tents… we even turned down a fabulous department store in London (twice!!!), WHAT that’s crazy right?! Well, yes, BUT, our teepee tents are made in small batches, right here in Amsterdam, using local resources and keeping as sustainable as possible (we don’t manufacture in China or use fabric and wood that isn’t good quality or sustainable) so our prices are not very compatible for certain retailers with high mark-ups.

But, we have managed to find a solution and are working with a lovely new concept store in Antwerp called YAY. We can only wholesale certain designs at the moment and are working on new products and variations to bring the Moozle teepee brand to more select stores without compromising our ethics so please get in touch via the website if you’d like to find out more.

Meanwhile check out these lovely pics of our gorgeous new re-seller taken by Unicorns&Rainbows.

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