BIG chief

BIG teepee + small teepee + Dexie

I couldn’t resist showing this pic I took earlier today of Dexie testing out the 2 different Moozle teepee sizes on offer. Teddy was actually soon evicted out of the smaller tent when Dex claimed it as his own, he just likes that one better for himself 🙂

There’s a pretty photo on my Instagram feed of the kids playing in the BIG teepee this eve, I pimped it up with fairy lights, and bunting, it did look nice, I had to prise Dex out and bribe him into his bed (with a bottle of milk and a cuddle) – think he would have stayed ‘camping’ in the living room all night if he could.

The bunting is on the Moozle Etsy shop here, other cols available.

Hearts and flowers

I finished this custom order for a play teepee with “blue flowers and red hearts” and wanted to photograph it quickly before packing, it is half term here so that ment a bit of bribery in the form of dress-up clothes followed by a trip to our new local ice-cream parlor Ijscuypje (via the post office of course). Little Dex had to endure being dressed up by big sis Dolly, hence his pink sequins, fairy wings and handbag, fortunately (or not, would have been cute I think) it was too hot for him to wear the outfit to the shop. The big cardboard play house was by product of our trip to Ikea last week…like we need any more play homes in this place!

The customer wanted matching bunting too, this isn’t a great shot of it, it has 10 flags in all with heart and flower ones either end but, doesn’t the room look pretty with all of the bunting still up from Dolly’s birthday last week? It went right to the other window, you can never have enough bunting. Fact.

Customer photo!

And what a beauty it is! Thanks to Yvonne for sending this in to me, I do love a good customer photo. I love the way you have customised this with the super padded cushion, bunting and flags – and that cloud and Japanese patchwork bauble are gorgeous, what a lucky little girl (who looks like she has a great wardrobe too), super stuff!


Here’s a pic of the vintage Animals teepee tent I’ve been working on this week, the customer wanted some coordinating bunting to go with it saying GIRAFFES. You’ll have to have to check out the Flickr page to see the pics of Dexie looking non to happy about being told he couldn’t take his milk into the tent, poor chap!

I added the baby elephant since Mumba was born at Atris Zoo here in Amsterdam, last summer.

Don’t look now…

Ok, so I am pretty sure the bunting bug I caught last week is finally on it’s way out, I just couldn’t resist making this rather Dutch version for my friend’s new baby, I’m quite excited about giving it to her over coffee tomorrow morning. I can’t decide whether to list bunting on my Moozle and Etsy sites or not, maybe I’ll just make some special buntings to go with special teepee tents – you’d better email and hassle me if you want some!

The cat print is by Ingela P Arrhenius and the rabbit with the mustache is by Andrew Bannecker you can see these plus some other illustrative delights over on my Pinterest illustration board, there are some real gems on there so go and check it out.

More b-b-b-bunting!

I seem to have caught some kind of bunting bug this week – here’s some I made with some over runs of the printed teepee tent panels – would go great with the puddle grey teepee – if only they weren’t all sold out at the moment – doh!

The fab 1960’s wooden jigsaw puzzle board is for sale on Moozle here. The lovely boy and girl illustrations in the bottom left picture were gifts from my very talented friend, British illustrator Tracy Worral.


I made some bunting today inspired by the teepee tent design I finished yesterday. I’ve been meaning to make some bunting for ages and finally found some time today – about time! Here’s a pic of the teepee it goes with, you can buy it from my Etsy page, all in all a productive week!