Thumbs up for the BIG tent


I’ve got some lovely customer feedback about the BIG teepee that I’m sharing (showing off), from a lovely customer in Boston, USA

AWESOME!!! my son refuses to sleep in his bed now. big enough for me to crawl in for a tuck in. my husband gathered large sticks to use as poles and it looks awesome. WONDERFUL quality. don’t hesitate!   Christie, Boston, USA.

Nice eh? Thanks Christie, for taking the time to send that, really appreciated. I would love to see some photos of how the gathered sticks look.

You can see more photos and order the BIG teepee here for EU customers or via Etsy herefor international shipping. Happy camping!


Duvet cover tent

I love this photo of a simple kids play tent taken from

Very reminiscent of my 70’s/80’s childhood in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, I just loved making den’s in the garden, mud pies with daisy’s on included!

This washing line tent is made using an Ikea duvet cover, I like the vintage floral feel to the fabric design, it could almost be of kids playing in their garden in the 1940’s.