Fairy Party

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Hello! Sorry for the distinct lack of new bloggage lately, all due to real life busy stuff getting in the way (rightly so) of virtual life busy stuff. Doll-face turned 6 a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d do a show-and-tell of her Fairy Party, it was a lot of fun to do, I even enjoyed the cake making (usually I get very frustrated with my efforts and bow down to the higher cake skills of my other half). We played some old favorite party games such as pass-the-parcel but due to the terrible weather (no outside treasure hunts for us) we did Magic Wand making, which was a real hit!




Boot Loot

Some fab illustrations in this late 60’s Jumbo Lotto game. I just have to get the kids to play it with me now – I seem more keen than they do. I really like these crafty/doing illustrations – especially the knitting sheep! More vintage games available to buy on the website Moozle for European customers, Etsy for International buyers.