Customer photo…

What a lovely happy photo! Elle looks so pleased with her custom made Moozle teepee, thank you Jessica for sending this to me and allowing me to share it on the blog here, and you really do deserve to feel like a ‘Super Aunt’, this is what childhood memories should look like.

This design was ordered via Moozlehome and is vintage flowers in orange, with a name, you can order one similar with this link, just state the name you require and the flower colour of your choice in the customer comments section of the order form.

Hearts and flowers

I finished this custom order for a play teepee with “blue flowers and red hearts” and wanted to photograph it quickly before packing, it is half term here so that ment a bit of bribery in the form of dress-up clothes followed by a trip to our new local ice-cream parlor Ijscuypje (via the post office of course). Little Dex had to endure being dressed up by big sis Dolly, hence his pink sequins, fairy wings and handbag, fortunately (or not, would have been cute I think) it was too hot for him to wear the outfit to the shop. The big cardboard play house was by product of our trip to Ikea last week…like we need any more play homes in this place!

The customer wanted matching bunting too, this isn’t a great shot of it, it has 10 flags in all with heart and flower ones either end but, doesn’t the room look pretty with all of the bunting still up from Dolly’s birthday last week? It went right to the other window, you can never have enough bunting. Fact.

PLAY with me

A certain small boy who lives around here allowed me to photograph his teddy with this teepee I finished this morning – his hand is just out of shot sweeping in to grasp it back quickly! This play teepee tent was a custom order but you can order a similar one here, just state the name or word you would like on the notes section of the order form.