dexterthree   EasterSpring time activities. Everyone here has been ill with seasonal colds and general under-the-weatherness so finding indoor activites has been a must. Little walks around our neighborhood to find nature’s treasures, making floral tributes and decorating eggs has been good for our souls. Really feels like Spring is coming now and we couldn’t be more ready. 


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Bunny time!

Easter table Meg plate

We finally got a fallen branch from our local park to adorn with our Easter decs, the kids love doing things like this, little Dex and Doll-face were up on the table like a shot putting everything onto one branch, you just gotta go with it!

It does look really nice (now) and all Spring like, and pastel fresh… so whenever you’re ready sunshine, come on out now, don’t be shy!

The pretty eggs are from Hema, and doesn’t Meg (the lovely Donna Wilson plate on the wall) look sweet peeping out from between the branches?

Happy Easter everyone.