Customer Photo – oh yeah!

I’m loving the big cotton bauble lights this customer from Luxemburg has added to the tent, it looks so pretty! This is one of my ‘pink flowers’ designs on the Etsy webshop, it isn’t actually listed at the moment as I have a lot of other designs I’m making right now, but, if you really REALLY want one please email me via the Moozle site or convo me though Etsy.

Spring is springing.

Two lovely new kids play teepee designs with lollipop flowers, all finished and ready to be snapped up on the Etsy page. The light was pretty bad when I took the photos yesterday (sorry about that) and the kids wanted to get in them so I had to put their tent up (in the background of the 2nd pic down on the left) just so I could photograph them, they are actually both snuggled up in the teepee tent but you can’t see them underneath all of the crochet blankets and teddies in there. I might have to take some better photos if I get time, the sun has been shining today! Spring is coming which is why I wanted to make these flowers grow! I hope you like them.

Pull up to the bumper baby…

I finally finished Dexter’s cot bumper at the weekend, it has been hanging around my desk for a few weeks now waiting for me to find 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there in between sewing up the play teepees, and this is the result (sorry about the grainy photos, the light was fading), I hope the fox doesn’t scare Dexter, it doesn’t seem to.

The lion cushion is by my friend Helen Rawlinson, the tall fox is called Mr. Morris and was a birthday gift form my lovely friend the very talented graphic designer Anna Kortekass, the folk guitar is an Etsy find by June Craft and the very smart looking knitted teddy in the school uniform was a gift my friend and textile designer Rachael Howard found at a craft fair. You can check out some gorgeous pics of Rae’s inspiring home over on Helen‘s super blog here.

Don’t look now…

Ok, so I am pretty sure the bunting bug I caught last week is finally on it’s way out, I just couldn’t resist making this rather Dutch version for my friend’s new baby, I’m quite excited about giving it to her over coffee tomorrow morning. I can’t decide whether to list bunting on my Moozle and Etsy sites or not, maybe I’ll just make some special buntings to go with special teepee tents – you’d better email and hassle me if you want some!

The cat print is by Ingela P Arrhenius and the rabbit with the mustache is by Andrew Bannecker you can see these plus some other illustrative delights over on my Pinterest illustration board, there are some real gems on there so go and check it out.

Cynthia’s house

Huge thanks today to the lovely Cynthia for allowing me (and my assistant/model Dexter) to take up a chunk of her day and use her stylish home as the location to shoot not one but two tents! Cynthia is a super slick interiors designer and renovation manager specialising in bathrooms and kitchens, it’s a shame I didn’t photograph the tents in her beautiful bathroom, but the bedrooms were pretty lovely too!


This new teepee tent design is up on the site now and I like how the photos came out (on such a dull rainy Amsterdam day too) and Nora’s cute room was the perfect location, thanks Nora!  All those super props to use, and so in theme. You can see the rest of the photos here Flickr.

Order your tent here Moozle.

Poppy’s room

Lots of fun was had this afternoon snapping the new Animal teepee and a plain one in lovely Poppy’s pretty room. It was a challenge to get some shots of the tents without one or 3 of the four kids in or around the tents but I think the results are pretty good! To see the ‘other’ photos complete with kids playing madly go to the Flickr page (spot the pic of moody Dolly and Poppy fed-up with being told they can play in the tent in “a minute”!). Listed on the Moozlehome Etsy page and for sale on moozlehome – go get yours! The gorgeous wooden enchanted tree is from Cocoon Couture in Melbourne – I WANT one… joy ohjoy it’s on sale (but still $250 Aussie dollars!) but, alas, they don’t ship outside Australia *sob*

girls only

Post image for Teepees for Kids

This lovely photo was taken from Modern Home Modern Baby the contrast of the bright pink and red tent stripes looks great against the book/LP shelves, it makes me want to take my teepees to photograph in different locations again!

I’ve just recently sent this very girly teepee to Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, it actually has 3 names on it, for 3 young sisters, and has worked out well. I am now offering printed teepees with appliqued name(s) of your choice on my Moozlehome Etsy page.


Indoor play teepee - sugar pink with appliqued name

Babble post a new top 50!

Babble have ranked Moozlehome no. 5 in their ‘ETSY TOP 50 BABY STORES’ we are VERY proud. Take a peak here…


Moozle Home | Kate Clarkson and Dennis Harrison

Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops - Moozle Home

Moozle Homes’s Rankings  #5 Best Toys like76

Top 50 Etsy Baby Shops - Moozle HomeThe Shop: Every child loves a kid-sized teepee for private moments of pretend-play. The quirky mix of vintage textiles, contemporary graphics and industrial design make these the finest play tents Etsy has to offer. Even if baby’s not old enough to crawl in yet, one of these creations makes a very cool, original addition to your nursery’s décor — and a promise of fun to come.The Seller: Designers Kate and Dennis hand-make each teepee from their homes in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their combined experience in illustration, graphic design and textiles brings amazing detail and quality to every magical play space they create.

Signature Item: Indoor play teepee, $175