House Tour



The Apartment Therapy House Tour is LIVE!

Above are a couple of pics from the tour but hop on over to the fab AT blog to see the rest. Lots if lovely comments coming in which are great to read, so nice to know people like my home interior style, it is strange to think that people around the globe are peaking into our home (actually, I wont think about that too much!). I’ve just been happily pottering around with funny vintage bits and bobs and just carrying on with my little ‘house’ projects and then low-and-behold they are all over the internet, mmmmmmmm.

Have a nosey for yourself over here.

Lots of questions coming in about the bunk bed tent (photographed above) which is great as it is my new product in development! Soon to be available in different designs on the Moozle website the one above will perfectly fit the SVÄRTA/TROMSO Ikea bunk bed frame which seems to have a different name in different regions.

Duvet cover tent

I love this photo of a simple kids play tent taken from

Very reminiscent of my 70’s/80’s childhood in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, I just loved making den’s in the garden, mud pies with daisy’s on included!

This washing line tent is made using an Ikea duvet cover, I like the vintage floral feel to the fabric design, it could almost be of kids playing in their garden in the 1940’s.