Take a walk on the wild side.

Woodland Fox

It’s a bit naughty really, showing you this, as the lovely customer hasn’t even seen it yet! Crickey, I hope she and Rex like it, it is my ‘Woodland Fox’ design, soft earthy soothing tones with a story book feel. There will be some wondrous adventures sparked off this one!

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* 1 month later…

Hi Kate,
Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love Rex’s teepee. It’s exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you so much, his room is so perfect because of it.
Thank you,



Boot Loot

I picked this vintage wooden typeset draw up (thanks Nuala) at the boot sale a couple of weekends ago, and after a bit of a rush job on the painting (during Dexies nap times when I should have been sewing teepee tents, and with ‘help’ from 5yr old Dolly), don’t look too closely, this is the result, a new home for my nodding dolls. I also used some of the Ferm Living dolls house wallpaper I mentioned in a post a few days ago. Back to the sewing machine now then…

Cynthia’s house

Huge thanks today to the lovely Cynthia for allowing me (and my assistant/model Dexter) to take up a chunk of her day and use her stylish home as the location to shoot not one but two tents! Cynthia is a super slick interiors designer and renovation manager specialising in bathrooms and kitchens, it’s a shame I didn’t photograph the tents in her beautiful bathroom, but the bedrooms were pretty lovely too!