Dutch Design Week


Last Monday I had the honour of being invited by Etsy and the Crafts Council here in Holand to take part in a master class of Staphorster Stip with the crafts master Gerard van Oosten. Thank you so much to Ingrid at the Dutch Etsy office for the kind invitation, it was a very enlightening and enjoyable experience, held as part of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

I joined a small group of lovely design enthusiasts and learned about the history of the tradition of the Dutch stip werk (dot/spot work), how to make the stamps that produce the dots and printing technique from the Dutch master of the craft the very charming Gerard van Oosten. The idea behind the master class is to not only teach the tradition of the old craft to help keep it alive but also to bring it into new areas and use it in a fresh and contemporary way. Next I want to make some super sized stamps to use on my teepees, but for now I experimented with the pattern and technique onto bunting triangles soon to be sewn up and photographed.


why buy a play tent?

I’ve just found this interesting article about the benefits of play tents and tunnels to a child’s development skills, such as imaginary play helping with speech and brain development, motor skills (for instance, coordinating crawling into a tent whilst holding a large teddy), spacial awareness,  all kinds of stuff… and I just thought they looked pretty (well, mine do!).

read the article for yourself here Fun Educational toys

an exert ‘… crawling is very important for motor and brain development. It teaches cross movements (a higher level of using your arms and legs) and helps the brain hemispheres to learn to interact properly.’