Dolly turns 9

Processed with Rookie Cam cake-box cakes  table1 nine

Happy ninth birthday to our lovely Dolly! She asked for a new Monster High doll (Jane Boolittle FYI) and to take 2 friends for sushi as her birthday treat, such a mix of sophistication and child 🙂

Of course I couldn’t resist the urge to ‘style’ up her birthday table even though it was for no actual ‘party’ but hey…I get my kicks in strange ways. Nine years ago to today I became a mama when this sweet, funny, timid little girl came into the world and changed our lives. I will forever be yours my baby girl.

School traktatie (the treats you take into school for your class mates here in Holland) had a kawaii theme this year, I painted the marshmallows with black food paint and a felt food pen for the cheeks, cut the watermelon with star cookie cutters and made chocolate coated breadsticks with sprinkles for homemade Poki sticks! Drying them without messing up the chocolate was fun (not). I will not be painting marshmallows again. And that edible ink stains the kids lips!!!

poki traktatie1

Ship Ahoy!

melonship  Dexclasspic1  PirateMelonClass

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My boy turned 5 yesterday! Here in the Netherlands it is tradition for the children to take a treat into school to share with classmates, sugary food is of course not a good idea so fruit is a good alternative. We checked out Pinterest last week for ‘traktatie’ (treat) ideas and Dexie chose a Pirate Ship melon! I was kind of wishing I hadn’t shown him the internet but it’s good to challenge yourself (apparently) so we went shopping for a boat shaped melon at the weekend. Turns out October is not the best time to shop for watermelons in this neck of the world.

Sunday evening I set to (fortified with a glass of Sauvingon) with my carving knife whilst the other parent made the pirate flags (good job one of us is a professional). It takes patience but it’s not that difficult (working out the best way to cut the sails and get them to stay up is the hardest part). So I say, “give this one a go!”.

Thanks to the teacher for taking the class room photos! Better than my grainy efforts. *note to self – take the time to photograph these things better!

Time for coffee and cake now… got a lion cake to make for Sunday!


cafe*Delicious cakes and coffee at RumBaba in Oost.


Berry Berry good

IMG_2165 IMG_2167 IMG_5681 IMG_5679 IMG_5687

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon family activity for today… berry picking! The kids loved discovering all of the different varieties, picking (and eating… sssssh, don’t tell) the raspberries, blue berries, logan berries and honing bos (not sure what these are in English), very delicious, kind of sticky to the touch. I’ve never had such fresh blueberries. All these berries were picked right here in Amsterdam for just €8.00.

We are having ours served over Greek yogurt and drizzled with organic honey.

Green Graffiti and Goosebumps




We did an impromptu mini shoot on the way home from school today just because our outfits with our new Mon Petit Zoreol bead necklaces were a good excuse to use the backdrop of fresh new graffiti I spotted the other day! Well, when I say ‘we’ (Dexie is in the cargo bike just out of shot) I had to bribe Miss Dolly (it is a bit chilly and obviously we needed to take our coats off!) into doing the pics, I was only allowed to take pics of her if she could take some of me AND apparently the cost of a 6 minish mini shoot with Miss Doll-face is 2 packets of Frozen stickers 🙂 Done deal.

Bead necklaces available here – thanks Mon Petit Zoreol, we LOVE them x

We are still here!

Hello! We have been experiencing technical problems with our email since 16th Jan – for all of you lovely people who have ordered over the weekend I do have your orders, I just can’t send your confirmations at the moment, we are working on fixing the problem and will be back to normal very soon! Thank you.

Computer problems really suck. So here’s a nice picture of Miss Dolly and a cloud cushion to make me feel better…IMG_2300.JPG

Dutch Design Week


Last Monday I had the honour of being invited by Etsy and the Crafts Council here in Holand to take part in a master class of Staphorster Stip with the crafts master Gerard van Oosten. Thank you so much to Ingrid at the Dutch Etsy office for the kind invitation, it was a very enlightening and enjoyable experience, held as part of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

I joined a small group of lovely design enthusiasts and learned about the history of the tradition of the Dutch stip werk (dot/spot work), how to make the stamps that produce the dots and printing technique from the Dutch master of the craft the very charming Gerard van Oosten. The idea behind the master class is to not only teach the tradition of the old craft to help keep it alive but also to bring it into new areas and use it in a fresh and contemporary way. Next I want to make some super sized stamps to use on my teepees, but for now I experimented with the pattern and technique onto bunting triangles soon to be sewn up and photographed.


Dexie is 4

party food Food-detail candles

A little boy here turned 4 last weekend so we had a woodland themed party to celebrate, lots of woodland themed party food topped off with a toadstool cake.

The kids loved seeing the party food, lots of ooohs and aaaahhh’s 🙂 The favours were individual chocolates shaped as toadstools or hedgehogs in clear celophane with ribbon on – I didn’t manage to photograph them as I was too busy keeping an eye on everyone! We did an Autumn craft project of threading lots of pine cones, conkers (horse chestnuts), leaves, acorn cups and other woodland bits onto string – they actually look really lovey – I’ll post some pics of ours when I get them off my phone!

For the cake, I used 3 layers of Victoria sponge to make the top of the toadstool, glued together with strawberry jam and whipped cream and sort of sculped it into shape, then covered with a light layer of butter icing before draping and molding the rolled out fondant icing over the top. It took about an hour to decorate the cake (putting the butter icing in the fridge for a few minutes between each stage).


I’m sneaking in this customer photo too as the tree kind of goes with the woodland theme (see what I did there), thank you to Lianne for the super photo. See more customer pics on the Moozle instagram feed here.

All I want for Christmas

I have it! I have the answer to the big question on everyone’s mind right now…

‘What are Iggy Pop’s grandchildren getting for Christmas this year?’

I know, we’ve all been thinking it. Well, thanks to Amanda in California, I have the answer..

A Moozle teepee of course! A personalized animal design to be precise. What lucky little boys, these are now all sold out in time for the holidays but there will be more available to order in the New Year.

And what do I want for Christmas?

A photo of Iggy playing with his grandsons in the Moozle teepee of course!



Well, it has been very busy here at Moozle, it still is busy as we finish off the last of our Christmas orders in time to meet the postage deadlines.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has ordered from us this season, and a HUGE sorry to all of the people who weren’t able to order in time to get a teepee for the holidays.

If you are still waiting for yours to arrive, all US, Canada, Australia and Asia bound teepees are on their way… tracking no.s have been sent, if you can’t find yours don’t worry, we can help you if your send us an email with your order details.

The rest of the outstanding EU orders are being worked on now and should be sent by the end of next week, it takes 3-5 working days in transit to most EU countries.

If you didn’t manage to get a Moozle teepee tent ordered in time this year… we will have more in stock in January so order yours in plenty of time for any up-coming birthdays, big brother/sister gifts for new siblings, new house and other occasion/excuse you can think of!

front-crop F+window

More MIDI size teepees like this one will be available to order in January 2014. This one is on it’s way to Spain right now.

Pop-up craft Market

Pop-up markt pic

We did the Pop-up craft market in Amsterdam Oost yesterday, and what a lovely day it was, thanks to Katie for taking some snaps of Dolly and I, my sweet little assistant who loved putting things in our homemade paper bags (made from the pages of old interiors mags) and sticking the stickers on, it was Dolly’s first stall holder experience, she made the lavender filled hearts hanging on the branch on the table above, and of course she got to keep the proceeds from her sales, now all I have to do is stop her spending her well earned €’s on plastic crap!

It was a lovely day, we were next door to the colourful Handmade Heaven ladies and we discovered Studio-Escargot with wonderful dolls made by Sophia.

Fairy Party

Invite_2013 BLOG copy

Hello! Sorry for the distinct lack of new bloggage lately, all due to real life busy stuff getting in the way (rightly so) of virtual life busy stuff. Doll-face turned 6 a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d do a show-and-tell of her Fairy Party, it was a lot of fun to do, I even enjoyed the cake making (usually I get very frustrated with my efforts and bow down to the higher cake skills of my other half). We played some old favorite party games such as pass-the-parcel but due to the terrible weather (no outside treasure hunts for us) we did Magic Wand making, which was a real hit!




Bunny time!

Easter table Meg plate

We finally got a fallen branch from our local park to adorn with our Easter decs, the kids love doing things like this, little Dex and Doll-face were up on the table like a shot putting everything onto one branch, you just gotta go with it!

It does look really nice (now) and all Spring like, and pastel fresh… so whenever you’re ready sunshine, come on out now, don’t be shy!

The pretty eggs are from Hema, and doesn’t Meg (the lovely Donna Wilson plate on the wall) look sweet peeping out from between the branches?

Happy Easter everyone.

Muizen Huis

Mouse house1

Last week was half term here in Amsterdam and the weather was f-f-f-freezing so we headed to the cosy central library to check out the wonderful ‘Muizen Huis’ (Mouse House) we have heard so much about. It really is fabulous with over 100 little rooms and so much attention to detail, I could look at it for hours!

The house was created by a Dutch lady called Karina Schaapman, who has lived a very interesting life so far, you’ll have to look up the details! She made the house, created stories and took photographs of the house to illustrate them. The stories follow the adventures of 2 small mice called Sam and Julia. The book has become a big hit, been translated many times and distributed all around the world, it will be available to buy in the UK from July 2013.

Karina has now donated her Muizen Huis to the Centrale Bibliotheek in Amsterdam, the brilliant new library near central station (lunch on the top floor at La Place with the stunning views over the city is not to be missed), now everyone can enjoy her wonderful creation, and I for one would like to say thank you!

To Russia with love

We sent our first teepee to Russia last week, it was a plain one like this one above, I’m sure it will find a happy new home in Moscow – hope it arrives soon. You can order yours here via Moozle. Please note though that we are booked up now with orders to arrive guaranteed in time for Christmas – all orders placed via Moozle or Etsy now may not reach you in time for the holidays – sorry!

Farmers Market

A few pics from our walk around the lovely local Farmers Market here the Frankendael park a couple of Sundays ago, it really is very nice, especially in the Autumn when they light the bucket fires and the smells of the toasting nuts, mulled wine and and all the delicious food teats hang in the air. We always make a bee line for the chocolate brownies at the ABC stall, way too many delicious cakes on offer here! There were a lot of people sitting around drinking prosecco and eating fresh oysters! How lucky we are, I really count my blessings when I see this way of life here in Amsterdam, we are so privileged, we must enjoy every moment.

The colours of the cherry tree leaves outside are apartment are amazing right now – they take our breath away when we walk in the room, great for me to look at from my work desk as I am in sewing your Moozle teepee tents a lot right now – better get back to it!

Half-term maddness

I did an impromptu photo shoot with the kids during half term last week, just for fun really, while they are still young enough to let me dress them up! I was inspired by a photo shoot with a girl and balloons I had seen in the fabulous Babiekins magazine. Here’s a few of the results, it was the last warm day before this cold spell we currently have, and the little monkey’s would only keep still whilst eating! I wish I was a better photographer technically – I love taking photos, I’m so happy with my little models – thanks kids x

Dolly wears: Organic denim jeans style ‘Dolly’ by Howies. Purple pullover by Australian label GumBoots. Brown suede boots by British label Mini Boden, green pointelle top also by Mini Boden.

Dexie wears: Denim jacket by Baby Gap, Skeleton top (part of pj set) also by Baby Gap, jeans by Danish label Minymo, bright yellow wellies by Dutch brand Hema (so good they keep selling out!).

Woonbeurs 2012

Here are a few of my pics from the Woonbeurs exhibition at Amsterdam Rai (on till Sunday the 30th Oct), it’s worth a visit if you are an interiors junkie like me, lots of popping neons at one of my fave Dutch design mags 101 Woonideeen‘s colourful stand above.

There’s a bit of a mixed bag in this montage above, the blue wall and the colourful hangers, cushions on a chair and the hat box on top of the armoire are from 101 Woonideeen’s stand again, the fab card rack lamp shade and over sized white chandelier were in the gorgeous VT Wonen stand, another of my Fave Dutch interiors mags. The geo woolens are from  Seven Gauge Studios, a British label with a lovely collection of lambswool cushions.The fabricated dog walker was on the display for ljmcolour, a paint sepcialist. You can see more of my Woonbeurs pics on my Flickr pages.

I couldn’t get Dexie away from these big bunnies by Fatboy ! Never come between a boy and his bunny.

Living Doll

I’m a big fan of the Danish design brand Ferm living and have been deliberating over which of their fab wallpaper designs to use in my home – so imagine my joy to find they have scaled down their kids wallpapers and created a downloadable pdf so you can print them all out and decorate a doll house (or type set tray – which is what I might play around with), what a fun way to try out the designs! Now where do I start? Keep an eye on my blog to see the finished result of my type set draw project.

Fill in the blank

What do you do with the blank space where the fireplace should go? You cover the wall and the gaping hole of the flue with some rather lovely vintage and designer wallpaper picks that’s what!

Much better to look at now. I used wallpapers from some of my favorite’s, Josef Frank, Ferm Living, Designers Guild, Orla Kiely as well as some vintage pieces. I’m going to do a whole wall with larger, different sized pieces one day soon, just need to collect the right papers and find the right space. That was my Friday evening in, time well spent.

Rainy Sunday

Rainy day in Amsterdam = happy campers 🙂 The kids play in their teepee tent, we don’t have much space so it just gets picked up at the end of the day and put in the cupboard, still tied at the top! This is one of the first teepees I made and it is still going strong, more designs like this to be added to the shop soon.