Kids Craft


Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a lil’ole post for you about handmade gifts for friends, little girl friends to be precise 🙂

What’s nicer than making something with your own hands for a special friend? Putting time a effort into a little gift for someone means so much, especially when everyone is so busy, (parents especially, busy juggling work, family, kids hobbies and sport clubs, healthy eating, grocery shopping, keeping the house tidy…) finding the time for kids crafting can be a challenge!

My tip is to keep a few supplies in your cupboad, things that aren’t too tricky for your young person to do on their own, so after a little direction from you they can crack on with the task themself, and feel mighty proud about it too.

Just look at Dexies little face above!

I’d bought a packet of beads a little while ago from Flying Tiger so when Dexie was invited to his friend Maxi’s party we knew just what to make this girly girl! Dex layed out the beads in the arrangment he wanted (I put a towel on the table to stop them rolling onto the floor), then decided to decorate a few with funny faces and letters. He threaded them onto the cord (I bought some from my local crafting store Handmade Heaven, also the fasteners) and I attached the fastener when he’s finished.

I then asked him to decorate a piece of paper to wrap the box in containing the necklace (and bracelet on some elastic thread as we had beads left over). We used an old tea box with some tissue paper inside. Then I covered the tea box with the paper., added the ribbon and he was ready to party!

Maxi’s mum runs a lovely website promoting Japanese crafts and selling supplies for them, you can take a look here.