Dolly turns 9

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Happy ninth birthday to our lovely Dolly! She asked for a new Monster High doll (Jane Boolittle FYI) and to take 2 friends for sushi as her birthday treat, such a mix of sophistication and child 🙂

Of course I couldn’t resist the urge to ‘style’ up her birthday table even though it was for no actual ‘party’ but hey…I get my kicks in strange ways. Nine years ago to today I became a mama when this sweet, funny, timid little girl came into the world and changed our lives. I will forever be yours my baby girl.

School traktatie (the treats you take into school for your class mates here in Holland) had a kawaii theme this year, I painted the marshmallows with black food paint and a felt food pen for the cheeks, cut the watermelon with star cookie cutters and made chocolate coated breadsticks with sprinkles for homemade Poki sticks! Drying them without messing up the chocolate was fun (not). I will not be painting marshmallows again. And that edible ink stains the kids lips!!!

poki traktatie1

Party on Dexter!

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Hello and welcome. we celebrated a birthday here this week, our Dexie-Pie turned 5! All he asked for was a Lion cake (in honor of his bestest teddy) so after a little think I decided to base it on a teepee design I recently did that you can see here.

The other parent designed the invitations, that we later reworked and made into cupcake toppers. And the end result is as you can see above. The cake took a little time (I’m not the best baker, I certainly wont be applying for ‘Bake-off’ any time soon, or EVER), but looked ok in the end, it lasted all of 30 minutes once the kids arrived back from the trampoline party and then demolished it!

Dex was very happy with the result (happy me) and set-to drawing a cake inspired picture and setting up a still life for me to capture for him (that I’ve now stolen for my blog!!) before his friends arrived.

If anyone would like me to send them a PDF file of the cupcake toppers and invitation design (front side only at the mo, the 5 can be omitted) then please get in touch here.

Happy Sunday evening all.


Fairy Party

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Hello! Sorry for the distinct lack of new bloggage lately, all due to real life busy stuff getting in the way (rightly so) of virtual life busy stuff. Doll-face turned 6 a couple of weeks ago so I thought I’d do a show-and-tell of her Fairy Party, it was a lot of fun to do, I even enjoyed the cake making (usually I get very frustrated with my efforts and bow down to the higher cake skills of my other half). We played some old favorite party games such as pass-the-parcel but due to the terrible weather (no outside treasure hunts for us) we did Magic Wand making, which was a real hit!