Muizen Huis

Mouse house1

Last week was half term here in Amsterdam and the weather was f-f-f-freezing so we headed to the cosy central library to check out the wonderful ‘Muizen Huis’ (Mouse House) we have heard so much about. It really is fabulous with over 100 little rooms and so much attention to detail, I could look at it for hours!

The house was created by a Dutch lady called Karina Schaapman, who has lived a very interesting life so far, you’ll have to look up the details! She made the house, created stories and took photographs of the house to illustrate them. The stories follow the adventures of 2 small mice called Sam and Julia. The book has become a big hit, been translated many times and distributed all around the world, it will be available to buy in the UK from July 2013.

Karina has now donated her Muizen Huis to the Centrale Bibliotheek in Amsterdam, the brilliant new library near central station (lunch on the top floor at La Place with the stunning views over the city is not to be missed), now everyone can enjoy her wonderful creation, and I for one would like to say thank you!