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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a lil’ole post for you about handmade gifts for friends, little girl friends to be precise 🙂

What’s nicer than making something with your own hands for a special friend? Putting time a effort into a little gift for someone means so much, especially when everyone is so busy, (parents especially, busy juggling work, family, kids hobbies and sport clubs, healthy eating, grocery shopping, keeping the house tidy…) finding the time for kids crafting can be a challenge!

My tip is to keep a few supplies in your cupboad, things that aren’t too tricky for your young person to do on their own, so after a little direction from you they can crack on with the task themself, and feel mighty proud about it too.

Just look at Dexies little face above!

I’d bought a packet of beads a little while ago from Flying Tiger so when Dexie was invited to his friend Maxi’s party we knew just what to make this girly girl! Dex layed out the beads in the arrangment he wanted (I put a towel on the table to stop them rolling onto the floor), then decided to decorate a few with funny faces and letters. He threaded them onto the cord (I bought some from my local crafting store Handmade Heaven, also the fasteners) and I attached the fastener when he’s finished.

I then asked him to decorate a piece of paper to wrap the box in containing the necklace (and bracelet on some elastic thread as we had beads left over). We used an old tea box with some tissue paper inside. Then I covered the tea box with the paper., added the ribbon and he was ready to party!

Maxi’s mum runs a lovely website promoting Japanese crafts and selling supplies for them, you can take a look here.

Crafty Kids


Hello hello, just a quickie post to show-n’-tell the kids craft project we did with a friend from school on Monday. The girls wanted to make book bags. I’d just been given this printed cotton curtain which was the perfect base cloth as any fabric they chose for their pockets looked OK on it! I cut out a rectangle and hemmed along the top (long) side, our fabric has a pattern that has a ‘right way up’. Before I hemmed it I made a couple of flat pockets the perfect size for a tram pass, library card etc and pinned it in place center back of the bag, I had cut the original hem off the old curtain and thought it was a shame to waste it so I made a loop for a key chain out of it and pinned it to the inside at the edge of the bag (now no excuses for losing their bike keys!), then I hemmed away.

I set to making the long straps whilst the girls chose fabric and designed the pockets, first on card (I always keep a few old cereal packets in my craft cupboard for making templates) then they drew around their pattern onto the fabric and cut them out. They hand stitched some motifs onto one of the pockets to pratice their hand sewing. Then I got them to pin the pockets in place so I could stitich them on with the sewing machine.

Notice how they chose to make a pocket perfect size for their chap stick!

Once the pockets were all in place we folded the bag right sides together with the hemmed edge at the top and stitched down the side and bottom of the bag then turned it through – ta-da! Pin and stitch the straps in place, a quick go-over with the steam iron and they were ready to hit the library!

Happy, proud girls 🙂

Crafty Kids

eyemask1 eyemask2 eyemask3 eyemask4

Another play date and crafting session, this time we decided to use a bunny mask we already had as a template to make these funny sleep masks, all very Holly Golightly meets Hello Kitty.

The girls picked out the fabric and felt colours, then they draw + cut around the mask, and bow pattern I made, they hand stitched the inner ear and bow shapes onto the cotton fronts of the masks whilst I cut the wadding and made the elastic cotton covered straps, a little sewing by me then… turned them through and Ta-Da!!!