Spotlight on – Product stylist – Dilya Ehrhardt

Hello and welcome to the Kids Teepee Tent blog, my little corner of the internet dedicated to kids interior design, mindful living and play time!

I would like to introduce you to a lovely, creative mum I met via Instagram, Dilya Ehrhardt, a Russian lady living in Germany. Having worked previously as an art director within an advertising firm you can see she has a creative eye and flair for using colour, since becoming a mum to her 2 children Dilya has been turning her hand to children’s styling and is now one of my favourite insta collaborators, the images she creates with her clever styling arrangements and great product selection are gaining her a quickly growing audience and it’s not difficult to see why…here are a selection of her images.

(she painted this gorgeous wall herself based on the amazing wall treatments of Peek & Pack). I told you she is creative. Anyone else what to see a photo of the Moozle teepee by that wall?!

Follow Dilya on Instagram for more inspiring kids interior and fashion here – @nyearthur

Dilya and her children have the MIDI size Moozle teepee, available here.

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Moozle Spotlight – Room To Bloom – Kids Interior Design

Hello and welcome to Kids Teepee Tents, a blog about children’s design and mindful living…and of course teepee tents (where better to sit and reflect, read, dream and relax) thank you for stopping by, my name is Kate and I’m the designer behind the Moozle brand of kids teepee tents.

I started this blog as a place to feature and document my teepee designs but it’s become more than that to me now, I want to share my passion for interior design and styling, particularly children’s and family spaces, it’s not about spending lots of money but about choosing things, making things, styling things and organising your space to make you and your family feel good. Our environment effects our mood, create a calm and uplifting space around you and you will feel calm and inspired – try it and see for your self. There is something very therapeutic about clearing away the clutter, arranging your favourite things where you can appreciate them, adding colour (or taking some away) that will feed your soul and make space in your head for clear thinking.

For the first part in my series of Moozle Spotlight I have interviewed children’s interior designer Ursula Wesselingh from Room To Bloom. I first met Ursula (online!) several years ago and have long since admired her work which is showcased brilliantly in her beautiful website. I’m proud to say that Ursula recently featured a Moozle teepee in one of her room designs, more of that later.

I asked Ursula about her design process and tips when designing and planning the perfect space for a child…

  • What would you say is your personal design style?
  • It’s contemporary but quite eclectic – I like mixing Scandinavian simplicity with period pieces, veering to modern rustic at times.
  • Is there a reoccurring theme that clients ask for and (how) do you try to push them out if their comfort zone?
  • Many clients believe that lots of colour is what makes kids’ rooms fun. I try to show them that by keeping the base of the room calm and simple, the rest of the inherent colourfulness of kids’ belongings has more room to shine and doesn’t fight the surroundings. That doesn’t mean all white walls perse, but unity in the colours used for the room’s basics – walls, floor and window treatment. The “fun” comes from special little styling touches that create a sweet, cosy atmosphere, such as unexpected storage solutions, prints and other décor, which makes it easier to update the room too.
  • What is your favorite type of brief to work with?
  • A clear brief from clients who love what I do, trust my judgment and are open to ideas.
  • Do you ever work remotely or do you install each room yourself?
  • I regularly work with remote clients but do my best work when I’m involved in the installation too. Nothing beats seeing the transformation up close, and often it leads to changes in the originally envisaged design – good design grows organically and over time, which is harder to achieve when working at distance.
  • Any tips or advice for people looking to hire a professional interior designer, some people may be afraid they would end up with a scheme they aren’t completely happy with or be intimidated by the design process, what would you say to these people?
  • Choose someone whose style you admire to start off with – chances are that working with this designer will be easier than with someone who has very different tastes to yours. Ask them to explain how they work with clients, to explain the process, to see if this would suit you. Some of my clients are very hands-on and enjoy the collaborative approach I take – others are more hands-off due to a lack of time or headspace and just trust me to get on with things once we’ve established a clear brief. Whatever degree of involvement they prefer, I always take time to get to know my clients and get the brief right, so that we are both working from the same sheet. I often hear that clients value my expertise and eye, yet always feel the decisions are ultimately with them – and that’s how it should be.

Thank you so much Ursula for taking the time to give us this insight into your design ethos and process. To contact Ursula to discuss your own client needs you can do so here.

Below are a few examples of the Room To Bloom style but you can view the whole portfolio here.

Lola’s room is composed of soft tonal greys with a floral storage wall and blush accents. A vintage wardrobe and retro style desk give the room an eclectic feel, complemented by a four-poster bed.

Featured above, is a MIDI size Moozle teepee, it is available to purchase here.

To ensure longevity we chose not to theme the room too strongly. Instead its simple design forms a versatile background that is easily adapted with age appropriate accessories.

I designed a cabin bed to hide the stair and incorporated lots of storage and a fold-down desk to leave as much space as possible for play and sleepovers.










Moozle Loves – the best kids rooms – Shared rooms

Hello and welcome, thanks for popping in. I’m starting a new Moozle Loves feature, right here, right now…this one is all about the best kids rooms from around the internet to inspire and spark your own kids decor ideas.

There are so many interesting and diverse styles, looks and options that fulfill different criteria that I’m breaking it down into several catagories such as

Toddler Room – girl / boy / unisex


Monochrome (such a huge trend right now)

Big Kid Room


This first installation will concentrate on Shared Rooms, so often a challenge to create a space for 2 (or more) personalities that is functional, fun, cosy, creative, calming and practical…I hope these stir your creative souls…


Stunning shared room by Sanne Hop.


Light and bright by Live Loud Girl.


Ecclectic and fun from Studio Soet.


Scandi cool via Kidsinspirationdiary.


A pastel dream by Lay Baby Lay.

Of course there are many many more gorgeous rooms and you can see lots more of them on my Pinterest board Cool Kids Rooms here.




Room To Bloom blog

I’d like to share a lovely blog I have just found out about, it is called Room To Bloom and is the findings of a lovely children’s interior designer called Ursula, she contacted me to let me know Moozle had been blogged (thanks again!) and I certainly do like being on such a lovely blog. Ursula has done the same as me but the other way around… she has moved from Holland to the UK. Above is a little peak at some of Ursula’s design work, check out her site to see more.